Saturday, November 15, 2014


I still can't understand why Sephora had to leave our little country. Seriously, I'm still a little depressed about it. Luckily right before they decided to close down their stores I managed to get my all time favorite eyeshadow palette; naked2. But since then it has became a lot harder to get my favorite beauty products. Nevertheless it's always nice to put up a little wish-list, so here's mine!

NARS blush in orgasm: I think we're all familiar with this one, right? I think it's one of the prettiest shades out there and the quality is just amazing. Unfortunately I used mine up and since NARS is impossible to get in the Netherlands, the struggle continues.

SMASHBOX photo finish primer: I love this one, because it does not do any damage to my skin. And a lot of other primers I've tried do. And it also makes sure that my foundation stays on during the day so that's a big plus!

ANASTASIA BEVERY HILLS dip brow: I haven't tried this one yet, but I will! I've heard such amazing things about this brand so I really need to give this one a try soon..

NARS lip pencil in raspberry: Same story, not available in the Netherlands. But NARS just really has such amazing shades and I'd love to add this one to my collection.

KAT VOND D tattoo liner: I've heard so many amazing stories about KAT VON D make-up, and especially about this eyeliner. I personally think it's quite hard to find a good eyeliner so I'm willing to give this one a try.

TARTE lipsurgence in mauve berry: Really loving the whole brownish 90's lip trend. And I've never tried a Tarte product before and heard good things about it. Unfortunately this brand is also not available here anymore, such a pity!

HOURGLASS ambient lighting blush: Look at the shades, they're so pretty. It is quite an expensive product but if the quality is as good as they say you just can't go wrong with this blush.

URBAN DECAY vice3: I'm so bummed that Urban Decay is not available anymore in the Netherlands, because it's my all-time favorite eyeshadow brand. And their latest vice palette is just amazing, I simply love every shade in it.

As I said a lot of these brands are unfortunately not available anymore here, but it's a good thing we still have such things as online stores, you can get everything at